About us

At Jim’s Travel Link, we have allowed our customers to enjoy the best vacations, worldwide, for over 17 years. Our global travel agency strives to keep individuals’ annual vacation costs as low as possible while specializing in high touch service. Corporate and leisure travel is easier through Jim’s Travel Link, thanks to one level pricing with no hidden fees and a live international tariff agent to handle related costs.


Corporate Travel

You’re busy doing big things at work; planning business trips does not need to be one of them. That’s where we come in, helping your company travel to any international destination without spending more money. Our corporate travel professionals know how much you should be spending on your trip and how to get you the best rate. That means you can spend less and get faster results!



Our vision at Jim’s Travel Link is to maintain and continuously improve a unique travel agency that provides superior personalized service to all of its clients. The travel agency is staffed by employees who understand and believe in the concept of excellent customer service. It is our goal to employ like-minded agents, investors and clients who can assist in the marketing of this venture.